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Let's build your brand universe.



We build storytelling universes around brands, products or causes. From proof of concept, visual design and plot lines to short films, series, and games, we are one-stop creative shop for story development and content creation.

Chase A Cloud | Video Production

Brands we develop for.

Client collaboration and feedback leading to outstanding results in our video projects

"It's been an amazing journey developing this new era of Rescue Heroes! From Every design to every episode, we continue to be in awe and we love seeing the characters come to life! From all of us here on the Fisher-price Rescue Heroes team, thank you for all your passion and hard work on this project!"

- Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes Team

Projects highlights

Our expertise.

Illustrator and animator creating characters and motion graphics for animated video project

Stani Milev
Badass Creative Producer and a Dad

Creative Producer at Chase a cloud, Stani loves writing, directing, and creating epic animation series and films. In his 15 years of track record, he has built a wide variety of expertise from 3D, 2D and commercial animation, through VFX for blockbuster movies (Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas, The Gangster Squad, Life of Pi) to full-service production of animation series (Nat Geo Explorer’s Academy, Mattel’s Rescue Heroes 2019, Best Fiends the 16bit Adventure, Food Detective).

Sava Komitski

Epic Creative Director and a Dad

Sava is a creative lead, animation director, and partner at Chase a cloud. He has extensive experience in design, illustration, and animation spanning more than 10 years. He has directed a wide variety of commercial and artistic projects, with most prominent being the Nat Geo Explorer’s Academy (2018), Mattel’s Rescue Heroes Series (2019), Best Fiends the 16bit Adventure series (2020), The Food Detective series (2021).

Create 80 min of animation in 10 months - checked! Come up with a two seasons worth of stories based on a docu - checked! Complete all quests on Horizon Zero Down, twice - mhm... checked! We are a passionate team of dreamers, gamers, geeks, creators, parents. Our mojo is to craft stories with care and detail. And we've been doing that for big brands around the world. The choose us because we deliver. With a loud bang for the buck. Every time.

Meet us.

MIFA 2024

Annecy, France

Stani, Sava, and Nasko will be there to drink your beer and talk your ear off about our super cool project, following a coming-of-age story while exploring some uncommon mythology! Come say hi, and let's talk about making epic animation together!

Join the team

Compositing Wizard

Character and Envrionment Design
Art Direction
Look Development

Sava, our creative director is in search of a (second) right hand. If you you are that person who scribbles their way through life, have a very precise idea of how Adobe Photoshop should be re-written and can name all the characters in "Avatar: The Last Airbender", then you should click that button.

Biz-dev Assistant

Leads research & engagement
News and trends research
Events & onsite support
Social media support

Toma, our biz-dev mastermind, is in search of a curious, capable and sharp biz-dev assistant to join our epic adventure party to conquer the world of gaming and storytelling. If you love the creative industry, gaming and want to learn the ropes of sales and networking, check out his pledge below.

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