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Storytellers & Video Content Creators

We are blending live-action and animation creative production techniques in a vibrant mixture of skills and ideas that is the storytelling of tomorrow. 

About Us

Chase a cloud is an agile storytelling team based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We've been around since 2008, putting ideas into motion.

Our mojo is in addition to production & creative skills we also foster marketing knowledge and affinity towards innovation.
This enables us to join our clients early in the project and work around limitations to create videos that work.


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We are eager to learn more about you and the stories you want to tell to the world. Feel free to drop us a line with whatever question or inquiry you might have.

Brands We've Been Creating For


We partnered with Chase a Cloud to produce a Rescue Heroes 2D animated series for Fisher Price. They went above and beyond to deliver the highest quality work at every stage of production. Their expertise in pre-production (character design, visual development, storyboards & animatic) is a huge asset that makes the whole process very smooth. The Chase a Cloud team is thoughtful, solution-oriented, and approaches any challenge with an eye towards creative problem solving and innovation. They have as much dedication & passion as they do skill & talent, and I would work with them again in a second.

-  Rachel Feinberg, Producer@Tongal

Storytellers & Video Content Creators

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