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We help your content marketing

get [              ] stories right.

Creating video is complicated and expensive. But it’s also the king of the [marketing] world. So we plug our expertise into your marketing team to create a kick-ass video content strategy that will engage and delight your audience. You get all the good stuff [storytelling] without all the bad stuff [costs].

SITEGROUND Real Life Tech Applications Ep. 3
SITEGROUND Real Life Tech Applications Ep. 3
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SITEGROUND Real Life Tech Applications Ep. 1
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SITEGROUND Experts at Managed Website Hosting
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The Case Study

We teamed up with SiteGround's marketing team to expand their video content strategy over the course of a year. First, we learnt about the business and their marketing goals, then we pitched various campaign ideas which were co-developed together with the brand into 11 original videos, covering topics from brand awareness to product features.
Last but not least we have adapted and recycled these videos into numerous derivatives to cover different segments and channels.


Content as a service.

We are functioning as an extension to your marketing team. We share the same goals and insights which puts everyone's focus on the right place. Knowledge is distributed evenly throughout the project bringing the right ideas and optimisation onboard. Learning your brand is crucial to bridge the gap between creative and production.

You are flexible to scale up or down your strategy according your needs. We are building our relationship for effectiveness and minimise the time to final product for both our teams. That saves huge time and money costs on both ends.

Your benefits

are multifold

Optimized marketing costs and efficiency

Brand development that stands out

Data and results driven approach

partners aligned with your goals

It's a marathon.

One of the main problems associated with video content production is its complexity. In our experience most B2B companies never manage to find the balance between cost, time and ROI, resulting in thousands of videos that hit the social media noise walls to fall back into oblivion.

So we want to change the game. Instead one-off gigs, we want to build a meaningful relationship that lasts. With every step along the way important things happen: we learn about your business, become more accurate in our creative efforts, and speed up the production process by optimising our pipeline. Only then, video content strategy can become a powerhouse in your marketing mix.

Storytelling is king.

Time to get your video content marketing on the next level. Like Netflix level?

You see, a lot of brands do video these days. But it's rarely worth for the ever-growing standards of your audience. Because they have little storytelling value. Most of us have a fatigue for promotional or even educational videos. So why not put your audience needs first with a good story and insert your brand in a non-intrusive, witty way, to kick-start an emotional conversation that people actually care about?

Our process.

Creative team brainstorming concepts for a new video project


We want to step in your shoes. Marketing persona profiles, value proposition canvas, marketing funnel, communication channels. We'll lead you through our comprehensive discovery process to generate the right insights, define the challenges and the goals of your content marketing strategy.

Technical team managing the production process for a video shoot


Then we come back to you with ideas. Lots of them. Our pitching process consists of 2 steps : A high-level campaign ideas pitch, followed by a detailed content pieces ideas.
The outcome of the pitch phase is a solid content production plan, with budget and timeline.

Creative team brainstorming concepts for a new video project


Conceptualising the data.
Smart ideas Vs great ideas
Pipeline design.
Project management.
Efficiency optimisation.
Quality control.

Director overseeing on-set production for a film project


Repurposing existing content.
Refurbishing old content.
A/B Testing.

Chase A Cloud | Video Production

Brands we create for.

Creator and director collaborating with a team to develop a storyboard for a video production

"It's been an amazing journey developing this new era of Rescue Heroes! From Every design to every episode, we continue to be in awe and we love seeing the characters come to life! From all of us here on the Fisher-price Rescue Heroes team, thank you for all your passion and hard work on this project!"

- Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes Team

Our expertise.

Chase A Cloud | Video Production

Stani Milev
Badass Creative Producer and Marketer

Creative Producer at Chase a cloud, Stani loves writing, directing, and creating epic video content. In his 15 years of track record, he has built a wide variety of expertise from 3D, 2D, commercial animation,  VFX and full-service production of animation series.
Stani is a well-known startup activist, has a degree in marketing and executive MBA.