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Passionate artist, nice person?
We are looking for you.

Join our team of showrunners, creators, animators & dreamers. We specialize in development, animation, pre-production and production management. We’ve been around since 2008 building stories for brands such as LEGO, National Geographic, Disney, Sapporo, Johnson & Johnson, Mattel, Volvo, DigiCert.

Open positions

Compositing Wizard

Character and Envrionment Design
Art Direction
Look Development

Sava, our creative director is in search of a (second) right hand. If you you are that person who scribbles their way through life, have a very precise idea of how Adobe Photoshop should be re-written and can name all the characters in "Avatar: The Last Airbender", then you should click that button.

Hero Marketer

Create & publish content
Build our online presence
Industry events
Target campaings

Stani, the head of the studio, is in search of a majestic hero marketer to join our epic adventure party to conquer the world of gaming and storytelling. If you love the creative industry, understand digital marketing and are looking for a cause less ordinary, check out his pledge below.

What do you get?

Full Creative Ownership

You will work on wild range of epic projects. And will have the chance to participate in every stage of the development. Everything that you can find in our portfolio has been conceived, written, designed and directed by our team. So buckle up your creative muscles.

Friеndly & Honest Place

Our team is our family. We share a cozy office, watch animation together at lunch, have fun all the time and enjoy a laid-back, friendly and open environment. No corporate BS here, just nice people who care for each other and create epic storytelling.

Steep learning curve

Grease pencil in Blender, 3D as a 2D, game engine based, real-time production tools... we are always pushing our own concept of modern workflow and together we will advance into exciting bleeding-edge techniques of storytelling.

Chill & Grill

And when Friday evening descends we'll just crack a beer and light up the grill in the backyard. Or binge watch an old cringy classic. Or embrace the random karaoke challenge. Having fun is apart of the job.

career in studio developing animation and video storytelling projects
career in studio developing animation and video storytelling projects
career in studio developing animation and video storytelling projects
career in studio developing animation and video storytelling projects
career in studio developing animation and video storytelling projects

Own IP Development

Not only you will work on the studio's own IP projects but you will also have the chance to pitch your own ideas. If the team likes your show, we will add it into our roster and help develop, fund and ultimately produce it.

Profit Sharing

It's everyone's success. On the end of each fiscal year, parts of studio's profits are distributed among the team members. Everyone gets a cut of what they helped to build.

Your benefits

are multifold


Own IP 



career in studio developing animation and video storytelling projects

Where do you fit?

core team_circle.png

Full-time commitment
Hybrid working model
Creative lead
Large variety of projects
Skills learning
Create your own IP

Hand-picked community of artists
Chase a cloud's Discord Server
Remote working model
Commitment per project
Knowledge and skills sharing
Support from the community
Pitch your own projects
Access to web events

Global network of talent
Wide variety of industry related people
Open gigs priority list
Access to web events
Freelancers and studios

career in studio developing animation and video storytelling projects

We are building a curated network of talented artists across the globe in an open, agile, dencetralised model unrestricted by location, time and culture. There are three ways you can join our team: the core team, the curated

What we are looking for?

Culture Fit

We are a merry bunch of creative nerds with taste for biting, self-ironising humor. Sometimes a bit weird, others - straight awkward, we embrace and rejoice our fair, open environment, here at Chase A Cloud. For us, the one, most important quality a team member can have is to fit in the studio's culture. Far second, comes your ability to handle joystick controllers.


Our entire bid for immortality is found on our belief in curiosity and desire for learning. We constantly try new tools, experiment with ideas and try to imagine things that haven't been done before. Everyone is working hard for their ascend, so we would expect nothing less from you either.


Forging grateness requires focus, discipline and comittment. And everyone counts on you to have yours checked and ready to go into battle. We don't do corporate hierachy here so the last thing we would want to do is to run around and clock your hours or count your pixels. Be serious about your craft or go home to mommy!


This industry is harsh. There is no fathomable reason to pursuit it unless you have an unsatible urge for creation. Passion is what drives us. It's an essential part of who we are and our vision. If you are after fame and fortune, there might be better place for you elsehwere. If you want to create epic, bold shit, and leave a dent in the fabric of the world, then sit down with us and have an ale. We have a lot to talk about.

career in studio developing animation and video storytelling projects

It's a family.

Stani Milev
Founder and Creative Producer 


Creative Producer at Chase a cloud, Stani loves writing, directing, and creating epic video content. In his 15 years of track record, he has built a wide variety of expertise from 3D, 2D, commercial animation,  VFX and full-service production of animation series.
Stani is a well-known startup activist, has a degree in marketing and executive MBA.

Sava Komitski

Co-owner and Creative Director 

Sava is a creative lead, animation director, and partner at Chase a cloud. He has extensive experience in design, illustration, and animation spanning more than 10 years. He has directed a wide variety of commercial and artistic projects, with most prominent being the Nat Geo Explorer’s Academy (2018), Mattel’s Rescue Heroes Series (2019), Best Fiends the 16bit Adventure series (2020), The Food Detective series (2021).

Stani and Sava met in 2017 to work on a project with terrible deadline. After 2 weeks of exhausting grind they came to a decisive point: to either split, go home and sleep the week off or do yet another midnight rush, prepare their own IP idea to enter a last-minute call for "the next great thing in animation".
It's been an epic adventure ever since.

career in studio developing animation and video storytelling projects

Add yourself to our talent database

With over 500 successful pitches on our belt and our roots firmly grounded in the startup culture, we do know how to create and put on display a winning concept. We can help you flesh out your pitch deck, create teaser and fine tune your story for greatness.

Ask for our internship

If you are just fresh out of university, looking for your first real job or simply trying to fill your summer with some nice artwork grind. We got you covered (as long as you fit our criteria from above). Feel free to reach out and ask about our internship.

career in studio developing animation and video storytelling projects
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