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documentary stories.

We develop high-end, cinematic documentary content around themes, ideas or brands, combining live action and animation, inspiring audiences with bespoke aesthetics, theatrical sound design,  intense editing and deep storytelling.

National Geographic

The Case Study

We teamed up with National Geographic to create the Spark - a series of short, intense films centered around extraordinary people and their impact on the world.
We traveled 4 continents, in snow and deserts, beaches and labs to decoct breathtaking imagery, bold ideas and deep inspiration into amazing stories in an attempt to motivate the next wave of local heroes around the globe.

Nat Geo Explorer Series: Albert Lin
Nat Geo Explorer Series: Albert Lin
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Nat Geo Explorer Series: Asha De Vos
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Nat Geo Explorer Series: David Lang
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Nat Geo Explorer Series: Yukinori Kawae
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Your benefits

are multifold

Up to 25%
Cash Rebate

Enhanced storytelling through visual

Experienced Team

Cinematic quality

Creative team brainstorming concepts for a new video project

Enhanced Storytelling

A documentary starts with a compelling story. But we like to push that cliche out of its box. By employing cinematic techniques, rock-solid pre-production, edge-of-the-seat pacing we want to create an experience that doesn't trade off excitement for authenticity.

Technical team managing the production process for a video shoot

Live, action + animation

Mixing live-action and aniamtion is our signature thing. The extensive experience our team commands in creating motion graphics and animated content is helping us to bring the documentary storytelling experience on another level.

Director overseeing on-set production for a film project

Hands-on Experience

We have travelled the globe, shooting various documentary content on 4 continents and 10+ countries. We have directed a remote shooting session from Sofia to Tokyo. Shot in deserts, jungels, mountains, oceans and a high tech super lab. Once we even landed a drone on a boat in the midle of the rocky sea.Our team has seen things and leanred their craftsmanship the hard way.

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Brands we create for.

Client collaboration and feedback leading to outstanding results in our video projects

"It's been an amazing journey developing this new era of Rescue Heroes! From Every design to every episode, we continue to be in awe and we love seeing the characters come to life! From all of us here on the Fisher-price Rescue Heroes team, thank you for all your passion and hard work on this project!"

- Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes Team

Our expertise.

Chase A Cloud | Video Production

Stani Milev
Creative Producer


Creative Producer at Chase a cloud, Stani loves writing, directing, and creating epic video content. In his 15 years of track record, he has built a wide variety of expertise from 3D, 2D, commercial animation,  VFX and full-service production of animation series.
Stani is a well-known startup activist, has a degree in marketing and executive MBA.