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We help Tech & Startups

get [              ] stories right.

Conveying novel ideas to mass market is complicated. So we plug our storytelling expertise and marketing smarts into your team to create a kick-ass video that makes your audience go "aha". And then "woooh".


The Case Study

Soundskrit are creating true directional mic on a hardware level. A technology so novel that it takes a series of videos just to scratch the surface of how it works and how it can revolutionize the way we communicate through our devices.
That's our job.


We understand tech.

We grew up with the emerging startup culture. Most of our freinds are engineers and developers. We even run our studio as a tech company.  So we do dig technology. That helps us bridge the gap between science and practical application. Undertstand the intrinsic value of your product and translate it into the common language of the market. You got the tech in place, now let's get you some eyeballs.

Your benefits

are multifold

Get people to share it.

Get people to act on it.

Get people excited about it.

Get people to get it.

Proof. Pitch. Fund.

We. Are. Good. In pitching. Like real good! All of our top projects are a result of our meticulous approach to the pitch process. Combining multilayered ideas, uniquely crafted artwork, and practical business & marketing sense gets us miles into creating an outstanding decks that win both audience and investors on our side.
Let's help you get that awesomeness in your sales too.

Explain. Excite. Engage.

You see, a lot of tech companies do video these days. But it's rarely worth for the ever-growing standards of your audience. Because they have little storytelling value. And honestly, most of the time look like crap. Most of us have a fatigue for promotional or even educational videos. Thus having the attention span of a potato.
So why not put your audience needs first with a great, visually rich story and dynamic narative around things that people actually care about?

Our process.

Creator and director collaborating with a team to develop a storyboard for a video production


We want to step in your shoes. Marketing persona profiles, value proposition canvas, marketing funnel, communication channels. We'll lead you through our comprehensive discovery process to generate the right insights, define the challenges and the goals .

Creator and director collaborating with a team to develop a storyboard for a video production


Then we come back to you with ideas. We re-iterate until we get it right.
The outcome of the script phase is a solid proejct breakdown, with budget and timeline.

Illustrator and animator creating characters and motion graphics for animated video project


Then it's time to find your unque visual voice. Our award wining artists will come up with designs that are simple enough to understand but unique and your own. We always design from scratch for each client and project.

Video production team planning and coordinating a project


Once your video is done we can help you publish and reach out your audience. Measuring results and venturing deeper into the learning curve of your marketing.

Chase A Cloud | Video Production

Brands we create for.

Client collaboration and feedback leading to outstanding results in our video projects

"It's been an amazing journey developing this new era of Rescue Heroes! From Every design to every episode, we continue to be in awe and we love seeing the characters come to life! From all of us here on the Fisher-price Rescue Heroes team, thank you for all your passion and hard work on this project!"

- Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes Team

Our expertise.

Chase A Cloud | Video Production

Stani Milev
Badass Creative Producer and Marketer


Creative Producer at Chase a cloud, Stani loves writing, directing, and creating epic video content. In his 15 years of track record, he has built a wide variety of expertise from 3D, 2D, commercial animation,  VFX and full-service production of animation series.
Stani is a well-known startup activist, has a degree in marketing and executive MBA.


Sava Komitski

Epic Creative Director and a Dad

Sava is a creative lead, animation director, and partner at Chase a cloud. He has extensive experience in design, illustration, and animation spanning more than 10 years. He has directed a wide variety of commercial and artistic projects, with most prominent being the Nat Geo Explorer’s Academy (2018), Mattel’s Rescue Heroes Series (2019), Best Fiends the 16bit Adventure series (2020), The Food Detective series (2021).

Since 2008 we have been at the spearhead of the startup revolution and the video content marketing, bridging the gap between business and creative, bringing data-driven and performance oriented process to the table. After years of working for many brands, big and small, solving countless problems, quirky and complex, finally, we have the chance to put in works all the experience and ideas to help you reach the next level of greatness.

From our blog.

Chase A Cloud | Video Production

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