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The Case

SiteGround is among the best and the biggest hosting companies in the world but video content had somewhat limited presence in their marketing portfolio due to the complexity of building and maintaining in-house video production resources.


The Solution

As a part of our VAAS (video-team as a service) program, we teamed up with SiteGround's marketing team to expand their video content strategy over the course of a year.
First, we learnt about the business and their goals, then we
pitched various campaign ideas which were co-developed together with the brand into 11 original videos, covering topics from brand awareness to product features.
Last but not least we have adapted and recycled these videos into numerous derivatives to cover different segments and channels.

Video-team As A Service (VAAS)


Pitch I:

Pitch II: Detailed Plan



Before jumping into the rabbit hole, we need to understand your business first. This is an ongoing process and the more information you can throw at us, the faster and better we will come up with solutions.

Next step is to come back to you with as many hi-level (and crazy) ideas as possible. Nothing is off the table at this stage. We need to generate  enough to kick off the conversation and prioritise your focus.

Once we have nailed the top 3 priorities of your content communication strategy, it is time to climb vertically and come up with a detailed action plan.

The pilot project serves two purposes: 1) To let both sides find & adjust an efficient and comfortable process, and 2) to let us prepare & design our pipeline as we venture into a more sustainable stage.

This stage is all about optimisation and performance. We have our priorities aligned, the plan is in place and the pipeline is set. Now we can increase our output and focus on metrics and incremental improvement of your video content and strategy.

We kicked off the project with an elaborate discovery phase. Before we did any planning we wanted to understand better SiteGround's business and marketing objectives. We wanted to essentially become an extension to their marketing team. So we needed to know what they knew.
After a thorough collection and analysis of the gathered data we came up with 30+ high level campaign ideas. They picked 7 of those and we prepared an elaborate pitch deck for each of them. After an extensive 2-months-long back&forth process we had a complete, detailed plan of the "WHYs", "WHATs", "WHENs" and "HOWs" in the production.

Pre-production and planning

One of our most important goals was to figure out the most efficient way to use the production budget and maximize the useful output for the client. And our main weapon for this task was the nit-picking pre-production process. We used 3D tools to pre-visualise all of our planing shoots. We wanted to have zero loose ends BEFORE going on set.
That help us answer a lot of questions, fine tune what we wanted to do and keep SiteGround's team in sync with every step of the plan.

The wide variety of skillset of our team allowed us to utilise the combination between graphics and live-action to create elaborate and multy-use content that would otherwise cost a fortune.

Awareness campaign (live-action)

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The pearl in our content mix was the brand awareness campaign that trageted the three main USP drivers for SiteGround: Speed, Security and Reliability. We wanted to create three distinctive stories, from the same universe that bridges the gap between the online and offline business by hillariously comparing them.
Our approach to production was a completely designed and controlled set that allowed us to pull the entire production of the three videos in just 24 hours.

Utilizing the the exclusive movie sets we have access to, we were able to re-create a New York styled environment 30-min-drive away from our office.

Casting a wide variety of actors and extras helped us achieve authentic and diverse vibe that's more generic in geographic terms, making the final videos feel relevant for SiteGround's target markets.

Product features (animation)

While working on the brand awareness campaign we wanted to also pay attention to the product itself. In this series of motion graphics videos we are touching base with various product features that are encompassing SiteGround's value proposition. Once again we wanted to stay true to their visual language and create 7 distinctive videos that look like coming from the same universe. 

VAAS add value

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Marketing persona profiles.
Value proposition canvas.
Marekting funnel.
Communication channels.
Customer development.

Conceptualising the data.
Smart ideas Vs great ideas
Pipeline design.
Project management.
Efficiency optimisation.
Quality control.

Repurposing existing content.
Refurbishing old content.
A/B Testing.

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We didn't want to just produce content fro SiteGround's marketing team. We wanted to bring value to the table. And multiply it. So the concept goes like that: first we wanted to learn their business, then we wanted to create some content. And after we have accumulated enough content and resources we can focus on recycling this content into a new types of content... essentially repurposing it for various marketing needs like microtargeting, geographcially-adjuste messaging and time/event sensitive campaigns. This is where the cost optimization becomes apparent. With enough material at our hands we could easily turn the first 11 videos into 77 derivatives which could really intensify SiteGround's marketing presence and efforts. 

Projects highlights

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