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We are looking for
Hero Marketer

Hey, cloud chasers, whatcha doin'?
We are looking to expand our adventure party with
a hero marketer, bard 8th+ level, trained in the enchanting school of biz dev and digital marketing.

You will have to develop and execute our brand awareness master plan, sing epic songs of our animation creative services & production skills to all corners of the world's tavern. Whisper the right words in the right ears, bring the right eyeballs to the right content and growth-hack-n-slash our way to the storytellers hall of fame.

Your role.


Explore and distill answers about our marekting personas, their habits, the trends and the dynamics of their decision making processes.


Brainstorm and develop ideas for various marketing activities, campaigns and trickstery.


Assist our biz dev guys with expertise in areas such as advertising, events planning, micro targeting campaigns, creating landing pages, writing content, etc.


Lead our inbound marketing efforts in content creation, publishing (social media), optimization, and monitoring of our progress.

Studio developing animation and video storytelling projects
Studio developing animation and video storytelling projects
Studio developing animation and video storytelling projects
Studio developing animation and video storytelling projects
Studio developing animation and video storytelling projects
Studio developing animation and video storytelling projects


Collaborate with our team to coordinate brand awareness and marketing efforts that will improve our discoverability and will position the studio as a knowledge powerhouse.


Plan and execute initiatives to reach the target audience through the right communication channels. Preapare content and publishing plans to keep them alive 'n' kicking.


Analyze marketing data (campaign results, conversion rates, traffic etc.) to help shape future marketing strategies.


Undertake individual tasks of a marketing plan and make sure we are pushing ahead.

Studio developing animation and video storytelling projects

Skills required.

People's person

curious to connect

easy to talk to

people psychologist

fluent in English

Social Media Adapt

reader of trends

master of social media channels

technically literate

Content Creator


creative mind

witty writer

image and video editing skills

master of the phone content


experienced b2b barketer

growth hacker

literate in the marketing science



anime fan



Industry Enthusiast






What do you get?

image (51).png

Create awesome shit

Developing anime concept for Disney Japan, creating a trailer for an upcoming series, shooting crazy Nat Geo scientists around the globe... we are creating rad shit here, and you will be a part of that. There is no shortage of ambition here and if you are looking to make ripples in the time-space continuum buckle up your creative muscles - that's the right place!

Steep learning curve

Own Products Dev

Grease pencil in Blender, 3D as a 2D, game engine based, real-time production tools... we are always pushing our own concept of modern workflow and together we will advance into exciting bleeding-edge techniques of storytelling.

The endgame for us is creating our own products: shows, books, series, comics, games. And marketing has a big role in this plan. So do you. This starts as a service work for clients but sky is the limit here and you can help us build something huge and awesome.

Friendly & Honest Place

Our team is our family. We share a cosy office, watch animation together at lunch, have fun all the time and enjoy a laid-back, friendly and open environment. No corporate BS here, just nice people who care for each other and create epic storytelling. Bring pizza!

Chill & Grill

Profit Sharing

And when Friday evening descends we'll just crack a beer and light up the grill in the backyard. Or binge watch an old cringy classic. Or embrace the random karaoke challenge. Having fun is an essential part of the job.

It's everyone's success. On the end of each fiscal year, parts of studio's profits are distributed among the team members. Everyone gets a cut of what they helped to build.

What we are looking for?

Culture Fit

We are a merry bunch of creative nerds with taste for biting, self-ironising humor. Sometimes a bit weird, others - straight awkward, we embrace and rejoice our fair, open environment, here at Chase A Cloud. For us, the one, most important quality a team member can have is to fit in the studio's culture. Far second, comes your ability to handle joystick controllers.


Our entire bid for immortality is found on our belief in curiosity and desire for learning. We constantly try new tools, experiment with ideas and try to imagine things that haven't been done before. Everyone is working hard for their ascend, so we would expect nothing less from you either.


Forging grateness requires focus, discipline and comittment. And everyone counts on you to have yours checked and ready to go into battle. We don't do corporate hierachy here so the last thing we would want to do is to run around and clock your hours or count your pixels. Be serious about your craft or go home to mommy!


This industry is harsh. There is no fathomable reason to pursuit it unless you have an unsatible urge for creation. Passion is what drives us. It's an essential part of who we are and our vision. If you are after fame and fortune, there might be better place for you elsehwere. If you want to create epic, bold shit, and leave a dent in the fabric of the world, then sit down with us and have an ale. We have a lot to talk about.

Studio developing animation and video storytelling projects

The game-board settings


Here at Chase a cloud, people are free to work from wherever they feel like working as long as epic work is has been done. That being said, we would expect you to spend more time in the office because there is a lot to be learned about the business and it's very much about interacting with everyone else spontaneously in order to create great marketing content.

Playful office

That's why, our office, doesn't feel like office.. it's more like a nice place, where you would hang out in your chill time. Actually it's not just an office, it's an entire building full of creative companies... it's our own creative, under-the-radar hub in the heart of Sofia (Han Omurtag 54).
Beers, soda, playstation, cinema room, chill yard, BBQ and large amounts of cool collectibles, this is the play-room we always wanted as kids, so we went ahead and build it.

Stellar equipment

Anything you might need for your content creation feats - we have it here. Cameras, drones, lights, lens, mics.. computers, rendering farm, blah blah blah... It's all at your disposal to play with and make flabbergasting content.

Results & Income

So we know how important it is to have a good retainer income so you can focus on conquering the world and not the rent. But we also know how frustrating it is to stay on a fixed remuneration forever as if the world is not spinning. So with us, you can count on base monthly salary to cover your living and a profit sharing system to get you to greatness.

Growth & Titles

Actually, it's very simple.. we don't have any marketing team yet.. so you will be the first one. And this is your chance to take the wheel and build something awesome of your own creation, grow with it and write your name in history... both ours and the world. So start as a hero marketer and become whoever you want to be.

What's Chase a Cloud?

Chase a cloud is an agile team of showrunners, creators, animators & dreamers specializing in development of animation, pre-production and production management. We’ve been around since 2008 creating stories for brands such as LEGO, National Geographic, Sapporo, Johnson & Johnson, Mattel, Volvo, DigiCert.


How to apply?

Step 1: fill in the registration form

As a first step we will ask you to fill in our registration form with your info. (sign up button below). Don't write us directly as we won't be able to go through all the mail and there is a high chance your application is lost if you didn't register through the form.

Step 2: get to know you better

We will contact a shortlist of candidates with more questions and details relevant to their experience and application. We will also provide more detailed information about the job position and answer your own questions.

Step 3: a trial of skills

We will invite you to our office to meet you up.. some call it an interview, but we are creative people and we don't know how it's done, so think about it as an honest conversation to find out if we are a good match together.

Step 4: meet us up

We would like to test your metal with a task. This will help us understand what are you capable of. How do you approach the problem-solving and what's your work style.

Step 5: take over the world

Ready to join our party?! So it's time to finish all the paperwork, shapren the battle axe and answer the call of the path.
A great adventure awaits you, my friend!

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Studio developing animation and video storytelling projects
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