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А Customer Journey

Discovery Call








Learn About Your Brand

​Intro to the 
Storyverse Building

First things first, we want to learn more about you, your product and  business model.

And then we'll give you a more detailed overview of our services.

Audience Definition

After our discovery call we will send you a questionary collecting basic marketing information about the product. The goal is to understand better your audience, their needs and behavior.

Custom Roadmap

Ball-park Budget

Next step would be to prepare a custom roadmap to building the storyverse of your IP. This includes hi-level ideas of possible products, examples, objectives, tentative timeline.
End goal is to define the scope for our pitch.

A ball-park budgets will be attached to each item from the roadmap to give you an idea what your investment will look like.


After narrowing down your choices and resources we will come back to you with a more detailed treatment outlining a specific idea, timeline and associated costs.


Budget Breakdown


Time to put everything that we have discussed so far on paper.

With the contract you will receive a final budget breakdown with payment schedule.

And of course a detailed timeline that features all the steps of the project, milestones and deadlines.

World building

Lore expansion

Plot lines

We'll kick off the story development phase with some world building. We will either step on the foundation of what you already have or create from scratch depending on the scope of the assignment.

Then we need to expand some base lore on the awarded concept. This includes characters, places, history, timelines, languages, artifacts, etc.

We wrap up the story dev phase by drawing up the potential plot lines of the characters.


Look Dev

Now we have everything we need to start fleshing out some elaborate and coherent stories from your storyverse.

Once we have detailed scripts, we can now start designing the characters and the environments for the story.

Storyboard & Animatic

Voice Talent

We take pride in our robust pre-production process. Usually we start with a roughboard and then shoot straight for an animatic. We dial in the right editing, sound design and even FX to make sure that the animatic sells the concept across.

Casting the right voice talent for the story is crucial. We work with various platforms and local studios to make sure we have the right, authentic talent for each of the characters.

Animation Test

Pipeline Design


Time to put all the parts of the puzzle together for the first time and see how this story is going to look like.

This is essential step to understand how to set up the the production workflow and how we can optimise it as we go to the next phase of the project.

Time to plan the production. Shots breakdown. Staff up. Set the tools and sharpen our knives as this story gets ready to materialise.

Assets Creation



First and foremost part of the production is to start creating all the necessary assets for each of the shots.

Characters and props are animated according the approved animatic

Environments, assets, and animation are put together to shape up each shot.


Sound Design


Some of the shots may require custom special/visual effects like smoke, dust, explosions, energy, etc.

A good sound design is 50% of the job well done, so no surprise, we are paying extra careful attention and create in house a very elaborate reference tracks to nail the SFX right.

Music is key to build emotions and depth to a story, so we partner with award winning composers & musicians to create the right score for each project.


Color Grading


Now, let's put all these shots together on a timeline and see how it all works. The editing allow us to fine tune the pace of the story so every eyeball is fixed to the screen from start to finish.

We have adopted a feature-film grade coloring process to fine tune our shots and the mood of the story.

And a tedious but very satisfactory process of polishing every nit picking detail, so the final product is nothing less than stellar.


The delivery of the final product and files.

Projects highlights


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We'd love to put our money where our mouth is and pitch you an awesome concept tailored for your own products and objectives. It's a complementary conversation starter for you.

No strings attached.

Thanks for submitting!

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