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The Case

Before the pandemic, Beecher’s Foundation were in the 4th grade classroom teaching kids how to read & understand food ingredient labels, spot food marketing tricks and understand healthy eating habits.So, when the schools were closed, they had to find another way to keep their work.

Food Detectives | Chase A Cloud

The Solution

To build an epic, spy-action-adventure, animated series inspiring children (5-8) to start the conversation on food, ingredients, healthy eating and marketing trickery.Then capture the inertia of the mystery-solving enthusiasm into an online game platform that will convert it into useful knowledge and wellbeing awareness.

The Process



We have conceptualised, written and executed a full blown spy action adventure story evolving around a notorious food detective duo Chip & Dip. In 24 minutes of total running time, the Chip & Dip story is an action-packed undercover operation that sees our heroes breaking into the Big Bad Marketing Corp trying to stop the Big Boss's plans to rule over the world with his latest invention - a million pounds of ice-cream made from a single grape.

The mini film is broken down in 5 parts and children become a character in the plot. While action-ready agent Chip and her trustworthy technology expert Dip are out in the field, kids are back in the Top Secret School of Food Detectives as a support team. Chip will scan secret files she retrieves from the Big Bad Marketing Corp and send them digitally to the kids. Their task is to crack the codes and riddles and help Chip and Dip progress in the next chapter of the story.
Learning and practicing the curriculum of the course is delivered in a seemless and fun way.

Illustrator and animator creating characters and motion graphics for animated video project

Our thought behind the mechanics was: First we wanted to engage children (4th grade) with a great story and likeable characters. Once we get their attention we will slowly introduce them to the learning subject of the course throughout simplified game mechanics. They feel like being part of the story and the responsibility for the future of these characters lie in their hands. This is shifting the paradigm of education approach from facts-driven to story-driven which, we strongly believe, is the future of education as a whole.


For the academic 2021, Beecher's foundation delivered the pilot course to 20 000+ kids and the response was overwhelming.

They are ramping up to double their efforts in the up next season, while we want to take the IP further and develop it into a full blown series to reach out broader audience and support the healthy-eating conversation with the youngest generation.

The Results





24 min total length

months of



kids trained in

the pilot year

Illustrator and animator creating characters and motion graphics for animated video project

Projects highlights