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If there ever was a complete monster hunter, that would be Valkyria. A child prodigy, Rosa’s daughter has been vigorously trained and conditioned to annihilate monsters and achieve success, fame and fortune.

Valkyria learned Chopin’s piano concertos by the age of six and earned a black belt in the Monstro school of Karate at the age of nine. Languages, sports, debate club and all extra curriculum activities that are known to man, Valkyria has done them all. What she’s never done is fun.

Rosa’s daughter always finds a way. She is resilient through hardship and brave in the face of danger. She doesn’t judge her mother’s business practices as good or bad. She’s a girl of action. No questions asked.

So when she experiences a close encounter with Garret’s new ensemble, the joy she sees in their eyes sparks something in her and somewhere deep inside make her question herself for the first time in her life.



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