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Our Motivation

Chase a cloud team is build by explorers, nature lovers and science aficionados.

We don’t care about the fame that filmmaking can reward.
We want to do the things we love most and follow our hearts.

We are passionate to reinvent the ways things are done and

to tell good stories that have an impact.

About Us

Chase a cloud is video & animation team based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We’ve been around since 2008 and have worked on a multiverse of projects,

Hollywood blockbusters VFX, commercials, shorts 
and documentaries, to animated series.

We have won a couple of awards, but that is not really what makes us thick.

We shine most when given the opportunity to make a difference with our work!
All the work that can be found on our Vimeo channel

is solely and fully produced by our team:

Stani Milev

producer, director, writer, editor, animator, fully responsible for everything Chase a cloud

director, lead animator, illustrator and our endless source of epicness

Sava Komitski

the producer who masterfully weaves the spreadsheet as well as the calendar app

Lyudmil Atanasov
Marin Hristov

VFX, CGI, AE… and tones of similar abbreviations that we have no clue of

marin BW.jpg
Simona Milkova

producer, investigator, manifestor; she knows people

Vladislav Lakov

director / hummus expert

art director, animator and the glue that holds everything together

Margie Stamenova
Zoya Stoyanova

producer, photographer,

the yoda of instagram


editor, sound design;

the raider of the wavelength

Andy Kostova
Ivan Gegov
Ivan Gegov.jpg

compositing artist, coder, dad;

the soul traveller

Martin Petrov
Martin Petrov.jpg

storyboard, illustrator;

the comics hero

Atanas Filipov

 clean up, compositing, illustration; the wizzard of juggling

Atanas Filipov .jpg

clean up, illustrator;

the puppet master

Stela Taneva
Stela Taneva.jpg
Aleksander Nachev
Aleksander Nachev.jpg

compositing, VFX;

the captain of the paralax

compositing, VFX;

the priestess of the rim-light

Aleksandra Proynova
Aleksandra Proynova.jpg
Silviya Ivanova

storyboard artist, animator;

the script sensei

Silviya Ivanova.jpg
Krasimira Vachkova.jpg

storyboard artist, animator;

the bender of time

Krasimira Vachkova
Martina Petrova

storyboard artist, animator;

the summoner of the cute animals

Martina Petrova.jpg

the one who actually runs the place... undercover

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