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"The Dark Lord" Greg

While most of the orcs are somewhat intellectuallyimpeded, Steve has a special place on the stupidity scale.He is a nice person, if you get a chance to know him...right before he smashes your skull.


What Steve lacks in brains, he gains in muscles. Alwaysready to spring into action, please the Dark Lord and dothe wrong things, Steve’s never-ending energy to wreckhavoc leaves no room for boredom in that universe. Also,he is a kind of celebrity, known with the dark hordes asthe Chosen-One slayer.


After the impatient Steve beheads Karl (and the greatbattle of Good Vs Evil never takes place), things go rollercoaster for him. Overnight he becomes super popular, gets[reluctantly] promoted and moves to that corner officewith a gorgeous view to the executions square. What couldgo wrong?



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