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Range Rover: The Ascend

After showcasing Volvo's and Ford's latest models in our previous assignments for the same client we were ready to get to the next level, or should I say the highest level? We were handed the keys to the newest Range Rover Sport and were told to make it shine, off and on the road. That was easy - we followed twisty asphalt roads and then went beyond to the Mountain and its dramatic vistas and weather.

And then we started looking for an equally outstanding partner for the car. A judo champion? A lawyer and a financier? A crazy cyclist that even professionals cannot keep up with his tempo? A man who follows his dreams, no mater where they take him or how hard it gets? Even if it's to the top of the world?

We found all that in just one person - Stefan Stefanov, the first non-professional Bulgarian mountaineer to climb Mount Everest via the harder North Ridge route. And it was a winning tandem.

Range Rover: The Ascend
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