Expand your brand universe. With storytelling.

Engage your audience in emotional conversations with brand inspired stories.

Masterfully created by Chase a s cloud.

Time to get your video content marketing on the next level. Like Netflix level?

You see, a lot of brands do video these days. But it's rarely worth for the ever- growing standards of your audience. Because they have little storytelling value. Most of us have a fatigue for promotional or even educational videos. So why not put your audience needs first with a good story and insert your brand in a non- intrusive, witty way, to kick- start an emotional conversation that people actually
care about?

Enters Chase a cloud, a team of creative- nuts with marketing smarts who love to help brands create engaging and delightful stories.

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What's your product/service all about? Core benefits? How long is it on the market? Which market? Other facts and figures that might be helpful for the brief. You can link a presentation or a webpage if you already have this information somewhere.

What do you want this video to achieve? Prioritize in order of importance.

Who is your target audience? What’s their decision- making process? What’s your marketing funnel and where this video will sit in it?

Is there something you have seen recently that has inspired you about your video content?
Can you provide links to those videos? (it doesn’t have to be related to the business)

Knowing your budget range is a very important factor as video creation spreads to a vast array of possibilities. Anything from a simple 8bit retro animation to a full- blown Super-Bowl- worth narrative is possible, so we need to take in account the constraints when working on your creative.


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