Nat Geo Explorer: Yukinori Kawae

A martial arts specialist turned egyptologist. Yukinori-san’s team is responsible for creating astonishing 3D models of the pyramids of Giza, unraveling the mysteries of their creation.

Our job was to create an awesome video about his story in the midst of the pandemic, with all borders closed, making this feat particularly challenging. We had to direct shooting sessions 5K miles across. We had to shoot Ancient Egypt without having our protagonist on the set, and we had to put together a massive bulk of different materials while keeping it coherent and relevant. Did we make it? You'll be the judge of it!

Nat Geo Explorer Series: Yukinori Kawae
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The most impressive part of their service is both their idea and storytelling skills.

Chase a cloud was successful in producing the video which translated to a total 150% increase in traffic views. The live unveiling was also met with hundreds of live comments. The team was able to respect the client's workflow. They were able to manage the whole project with no stress.

Оur US Brand team had worked with Chase A Cloud a few years ago. I already saw videos produced by them, which were just amazing works. They knew our brand. There were no questions to work with them.

They spent a huge amount of time to research and interview with our talent, Yukinori. At the same time, they scoped in Japanese culture to make depth in message of the video.

You can see a variety of visual techniques in the video; animation, CG, and of course great cinematography. Тhey were like "7 samurais"!  

-  Founder, Marketing & Creative Manager, Nat Geo & Walt Disney Japan