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Nat Geo’s Explorers Academy

In February 2018 out team won a very compelling and
different pitch: Nat Geo Kids have decided to produce a kids animation show, for the very first time in their history.

The idea was to inspire the youngest generation of explorers around the globe to step out to the world and embrace adventure, diversity, and science. All that in 5:30 minutes episodes of pure animation delight. Pitches just don't get more epic than that so we took the challenge full heads on.

In the course of 6 months, we have worked in close
collaboration with the show scriptwriters and production agency to bring to life the universe of the Explorers Academy in this first pilot episode of the series.

Produced in 3 months by our amazing animation dream team with the help of many friends and experts in the field we managed to pull out the largest and most complicated task we've faced so far.

Nat Geo's Explorers Academy E01:  Brain Freeze
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