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"Viscious Ambitious" Monica

Monica is all-work-no-play, sleep deprived, overachiever,laser focused on big data, fin-tech and mostly... theory.Born and raised into ambitious, capitalistic ideals, Monicahas meticulously planned, paved and executed her wayto ultimate success. So when the dark forces went on therise, it was nothing short of natural for her to enrol intothe most prestigious school of Darkvard for a Master ofBlack-hearted Administration degree (MBA) and graduatein half the time, with triple the score.

Fresh out of college, Monica answers Greg’s middlemanagement recruitment call and joins the lines of thedark empire, hard set on short-cutting her way to the top.Hoping that one day she’ll claim what’s rightfully hers:the top floor of the tower, a reserved parking lot with hername on it and, of course, season tickets to the Lakers



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