Live Action

Our background in animation help us approach live-video creation in quite different way that results in unique, raw, visually festive films with multiple layers of essence that seduce the viewer into watching them again and again.


We believe the more important half of a project resides in conceptualising, scriptwriting, storyboarding and design. We love to get onboard early and work along the marketing teams and the producers to find the best solutions. This also allows for greater cost control since we can easily navigate within the project’s limits.


We believe that cinematography process should be agile. We don’t fancy the wastefulness of the mainstream productions.

Technology has open the gates to very high quality video if we keep our minds open for innovation.


Our background in animation brings in a unique expertise to our cinematography productions. We are keen to experiment and apply those skills in a ways that help us create more advance and complete products with attention to detail, rhythm and visual storytelling.

Featured Projects

Whether you’re looking for a partner to bring unique value to your production’s needs or for original ideas that can enhance your storytelling marketing efforts you should drop us a word.