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Jelly Do Dats is an educational, non-verbal comedy series

for preschoolers evolving around occupations.

What is Jelly Do Dats?

Jelly Do Dats is an overwhelmingly cute universe of adorable jelly characters who teach preschoolers about different occupations, social interactions, friendship, acceptance and celebrates diversity.

But most of all, Jelly Do Dats is about having fun, being positive and appreciating life in all its flavors (mmmm, yummy jelly).



Each episode will be centred around a particular Jelly and his/her profession. Each character has a strong and a weak side with the first helping them in their job and the later inspiring the learning curve of the episode. Some Jellies will reappear as a secondary characters in other episodes and some may get more than one episode, but the premise evolves around introducing new characters often and keeping them simple and relatable.

Each episode is a lesson learned. Each Jelly has a lesson that he/she needs to learn in order to become better. In each episode things will go terribly wrong in a hilarious action sequence keeping the overall pace of the story high. The end will be served through an adorable and unexpected twist.


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