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We believe that the more important half of a project resides in the preproduction
phase and invest a lot of efforts in conceptualising,
scriptwriting, storyboarding and design. That’s sets us apart from a pure
production facility since we love to get on early in the project and work
along the marketing teams and the agency creatives to find the best
solutions. This also allows for greater cost control since we can easily
navigate within the project’s limits.

What Do We Do?

We believe that cinematography should be lean & agile. We don’t fancy
the full blown productions and resource wasting. Modern technologies
has open the gates to very high quality video if we keep our minds open
for innovation. We seek to walk that path.


Animation plays a major role in the development of the studio. Since
2006 we exercise animation in one form or another: 3D, VFX, explainers,
motion graphics. Besides the obvious animation applications online these
days, we are also keen to apply those skills in our cinematography that
helps us create a more advanced and complete products compared to
pure video production companies.


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