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Gustav’s only mistake in life has been his unfortunate heritage. His grand grandfather was no other than the most evil autocrat this world has known. Nations fled territories, countries changed borders, babies cried in their sleep by the mere mention of his name.

Ever since kindergarten, he’s been an outcast. This forced Gustav to withdraw deep inside himself from an early age. It could have made him resentful, but what it actually did was to make him nihilistic. It also leads to him becoming infatuated with technology and craftsmanship from an early age.

Gustav spends every waking second in his garage where he devises inventions to every life’s problems you never imagined existed. The only issue is that all his designs suffer from one major flaw - they look as evil as hell. Even an innocent backscratcher looks like a lethal weapon until Gustav shows you how to use it and that it is in fact at least 56% more efficient than a regular backscratcher. He never wanted anything more than to create meaningful inventions for a better world.



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