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"The Dark Lord" Greg

Greg was born on the dark side of things as the whitesheep of the family. Intelligent, grumpy, pragmatic, he’sjust trying to do the wrong things right and then the worldwill spring into 1000 years ofprosperity... or at least, thisis what the Prophecy says.

Ever since his adolescence, Greg had this urge to moveand transform things around. But in a world of a can’t-be-wrong prophecy, no one really cared. So, he turned tothe dark side with a crystal clear idea: “every long-awaitedprophecy, starts with a single step”... namely - build anevil empire. You, see, the plan was simple: Get the badguys. Charge the good guys.

Chosen One wins. Prosperitysettles in. Greg retires to an exotic beach.“WHAT THE F*CK, STEVE!?” he yells out at that stupidorc who just decapitated the Chosen Оne. Now, Greg hasan entire world to manage at his hands. With plummetingpublic image, front office chaos, incompetent managementand disgruntled unions would he ever get to that break-even point?And all he can dream of is sand, sea breeze and piñacoladas (or whatever product placement we get our hand) What the f*ck, Steve, indeed!



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