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Garret (16) is witty, entrepreneurial, idealistic and intelligent. He posses an extensive knowledge and
bright, startup mindset but lacks experience, which stands between him and his grand ideas for a better world. When he puts his back into a problem, you best be sure he’ll come up with at least five different solutions, neither of which appear intuitive at glance, but they just seem to work in most incredible ways.

Garret has some bold ideas how to make the world a better place, but the world is not quite ready to be saved. He needs to work his ways and learn how to deal with people and problems. Mr Butterfly’s nephew never quite understood his uncle’s harsh ways. Where his uncle smashes a hammer, Garret finds a way to render that hammer obsolete.

He is inherently pacifistic, with a big heart and even bigger dreams, entrepreneurial by design. So when he manages to snag the last available monster hunting license, he is enthusiastic to venture into the unknown, sweeping away the lives of a misfit bunch into a transformational journey of a lifetime.
Garret’s affection to Valkiria is both life changing and holds the key to the story ending.



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