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“What the f*ck, Steve!” Greg yells at the orc who just beheaded the Chosen One. You see, the plan was simple - get the bad guys lose from the good guys and voila! - Prosperity forever... or so said the Prophecy.
Now, the evil Overlord is stuck with an entire world to manage, only that he doesn’t want to.

What is Evilocracy?

Evilocracy is a morbid and brutally honest, adult animated series that explores the morally ambiguous corporate life and challenges the stereotypes for good, bad, right or wrong.

The show is centred around a dysfunctional “middle management” team of the corporate-like empire and their life after a millennia old Prophecy is shattered to pieces.

Main Characters

Greg, the evil overlord, wants nothing more than the Prophecy to be fulfilled so he can take a long and well deserved vacation. When his secretive plan is foiled by his henchman Steve, Greg is faced with the daunting perspective of managing the world of his dreams... only that it is an evil empire now.


The main characters’ exploits deal with the problems of boundaries between good and evil, the broken bureaucratic model and moral choices.

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