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The Case

Best Fiends games have been downloaded over 100 million times . But what makes this IP special is the wide variety of storytelling content they are producing across platforms. So when they had this idea to create a nostalgic, 90s-arcade-inspired, short YT series featuring the Best Fiends characters in the multiverse of our favorite childhood games, we just couldn't turn away our gaze in awe.


The Solution

To create an epic, hilarious, 16bit, animated , serialised adventrue tribute to one of the gratest video games from the early days of the industry. And bring that sweet nostalgic vibe, tons of cameos & refs and unlimited joy to the hearts of the growing Best Fiends fans who used to be kids in a time where 128KB of something was... well, something

The Process

Our first and most important taks was to figure out a good way to port the Best Fiends characters from the game into a 16bit inspired universe. Something they had never been designed for. We had to devise a style that will allow us to go as close as possible to the original games but stay true to the Best Fiends DNA.


We utilised various approaches to achieve visual and audio effects that were iconic for the arcade era like pixel dithering, limithed color palettes, low-res graphics, low-sampling sounds, etc. We wanted to simulate the contraints developers had back in the 90s in processing power and storage. That's what get them so creative in the first place.

The World

Chase a Cloud_img_10.png

The Results

For the academic 2021, Beecher's foundation delivered the pilot course to 20 000+ kids and the response was overwhelming.

They are ramping up to double their efforts in the up next season, while we want to take the IP further and develop it into a full blown series to reach out broader audience and support the healthy-eating conversation with the youngest generation.




4.2 B

34 min total length

months of



gamers reached

pixels moved


Projects highlights

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