We are proud of our work on product-centric, animated series for prominent brands such as Fisher-Price and Nat Geo Kids. Our mojo is producing high-end animation videos and bringing constant innovation to the process. We truly believe this is the future not just for the branded content but also for the genre.


We’re building our team around the capacity to develop projects from scratch. We like to jump onboard early, embed, track and multiply value in the very core of each story we work on.

Art Direction

Our dualistic approach to visual designs, characters, sets and props is a mix of both crafts and economy. We always search for clever ways to bring beauty on screen while keeping an eye on the bottom line.


Our speciality is creating animatics full of motion that easily sell the story to the decision makers as well as confidently guide the production departments to epic final results.


We believe that owning the final stage of a project is crucial to keep and nurture the value chain that has been plotted in from the start, hence our carefully brewed expertise in putting things together and final polish.

Featured Projects

Whether you’re looking for a partner to bring unique value to your production’s needs or for original ideas that can enhance your storytelling marketing efforts you should drop us a word.